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Treasure Hunt

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You can be told or demonstrated, but only your own experience will let you know the deep truths of communication. It is an untouched land with many traps, aberrations and deep canyons. It also offers its beautiful sides, such as magnificent sandy beaches, views of mountains and seas, jungles with bright colors and crystal clear waters. It is so big that without a treasure map you would almost certainly get lost and endlessly lose yourself in communication.

Do you know how to explore communication? Do you know someone who can show you how to dig up lost treasures, find ancient cities, and at the same time still warn you about the shoals and sea monsters? What you hear about this land are mostly legends and myths that are as superficial as oil on water. What do you need to conquer this land? First and foremost, knowledge. Knowledge that is available in a treasure map and guides you through the hidden and mystical land. Here, for the first time, is such a treasure map of communication compiled for you. What do I say, not just one, but three.

On each of the web pages there is a secret of communication.

How do you best use this website to trace and conquer the country? How do you use the treasures and the land for yourself? You will find out in the trails.

Each video at the top unravels a great mystery and truth about communication. It will help you understand what good communication is all about. You can explore the websites in three different ways. Also pay attention to the fine print on the websites I have shown you, sometimes it will help you a good bit and protect you from trappers.

But one more thing to warn you. The treasures are not a final truth. The treasures will help you to conquer the land even deeper and even faster. You will know if you are using the treasures correctly by their effect. You always remain responsible for yourself on the treasure hunt. I am only a trail guide.

1. FAST TRAIL - You want to conquer the communication. This trail is like Caesar's conquests. He came, he saw and he conquered. You will learn the truths and secrets of communication in a fast track. You watch the video. You will always find it at the top of the web page and is marked "Secret #". After the video, go to the bottom of the page. There you will find a button that will take you to the next secret. Press the button - Fast Trail. This builds good knowledge. Collect ten codes and receive a present for free.

2. Q & A Trail - not open yet - Question Answer Trail - Watch the video. Then read through the web page. At the end you will find a button with Q & A. Press on it. Here you will be redirected to a web page with questions. Once you want to check the answer, you can check your answer for right and wrong. But stop. If you really want to check your communication skills, write down the answers first. This will help you get real profit out of it. This will help you learn to distinguish fool's gold from real gold. Can be quite useful before you tow.

If you want to conquer the land even more intensively, wait a day after a question answer part. This allows you to rest and the mystery sinks deep into you. This creates knowledge with deeper insights. There is one more surprise. One of the questions on the page directs you on a form. You will be asked for your email address. Please fill it out and send it. You will receive an email explaining the video you have seen and you will receive a secret code. When you have collected 9 codes, you will receive a gift from me that you can not buy in my store.

To get to the next secret, follow the Fast Trail. The button below will take you to the next secret.

3. WORKBOOK TRAIL - not open yet - You can find the Workbook Trail only on the first page - homepage or here. You create deep understanding by using the workbook that accompanies the website. Every day you will receive mails with preparations for skill and knowledge to go through. Understand for yourself what communication means. For this mode, press the Workbook button. Either right here or on the first page - homepage. The training lasts 9 days.

Knowing the secrets is one thing. To learn them is another and to experience the secret of communication and to penetrate and conquer it for yourself are those steps that create a long lasting ability for progress and success.

The button for the next secret you will find below the trail.

Another tip: If you use the Fast Trail or the Q&A Trail and have left the Land of Communication, come back and explore it again. Start a second time. You've probably missed a few treasures. See for yourself what has changed about you and what you can explore more. The country is so beautiful and big that it pays to visit more often. Big Time.

Every trail has its value. You can start with the fast track. It really gives you tons of gold nuggets. The Q&A, question and answer trail shows you how to use your prospecting skills. And with the Workbook, you'll become the goose that lays endless golden eggs yourself.

Each trail will inform you and impart knowledge. You will discover for yourself why communication is or will become the land of your dreams.

Enjoy discovering the hidden and secret treasures that lie within the trails. Walk trails you have never been on before and find out for yourself why this land will captivate you. Now let's go, on to the first treasure!

Your Trail guide - Joseph

Trainer, teacher, coach for perception, inner, outer and non-verbal communication and stage presence.