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APA - Attentive Performance through Awareness

Training and knowledge for your successful performance

The APA program consists of trainings and knowledge for a successful performance. Why did I create so many different trainings? Every person is different and has different abilities and needs. One needs more body work, the next more structure in thinking and the third wants to get rid of his unconscious inhibitions.

Appearance is very complex of available possibilities. What can go wrong depends entirely on your experiences and applications of those experiences. Basically, without working out your inhibitions, blockages or obstacles, a free appearance will remain only an imagination in your mind. Many can't even imagine it because they have no credentials for a free performance.

The 17 different trainings do justice to the fact that you need individual approaches to solve your very personal needs. As a trainer, teacher and coach I can thereby briefly interpose the right training and explain and help you to understand what is happening and at the same time how this change will work.

You do not need to go to five or 17 different people for this, who will provide you with the necessary material. The work is easy and very effective. Be Seen!


APA - Attentive Performance through Awareness

Training and knowledge for your successful performance

Whether you are looking for a job, giving a talk in front of thousands of people, marketing online or performing on stage, you need knowledge and training that will help you create clear communication levels and make your appearance the best it can be.

Do you know a program that evaluates your performance, increases your awareness and improves your communication skills?

I have developed 17 different trainings for you that will help you improve your communication.

To APA-Program 

For whom

For whom are these trainings suitable?

Basically, for anyone who wants to improve their performance, whether in private, in business or on stage. Here is a list that can certainly be completed:

Job seekers



Artists - singers, musicians, actors, dancers

Performance training in sports (workout, relaxation, stretching and perception)

Lawyers and teachers

Marketers and salesmen


You get personal support for your projects. You will experience techniques and trainings which are not available online. One achievement is to reach your goal safely. I will evaluate your potential and seek out the best suitable training for you.

You will reach your goals faster. We emphasize and reinforce physically statements, develop motivation and bring your communication to the next level.


In the shop you can get the trainings in the form of downloads - as email series or videos, as well as products for the individual trainings.

Please read the disclaimer. You use the online trainings on your own responsibility.


In the Ebooks you will learn contents of communication:

The ebook on The 7 Interfaces for good Conversations shows the process of good communication. The 7 interfaces give a simple orientation, a catchy roadmap and the right tools for a good communication course. 

The Ebook from the series for Soul Room Meditations -Inner Communication is available in the store. The 7 meditations will help you with your inner dialogue. They have a motivating effect and are easy to apply. The special structure of the meditations has a profound effect.

The Ebook Your Creative Video Timetable Guide will help you to find a good structure for your video production. You will find the guide very easy to use and experience a great help to create good videos.

In the pilot study I conducted on Alexander Technique and stage presence, the subjects showed that stage presence can be specifically improved. In the subsequent research, 12 visual cues show clearly your presence, dynamics, charisma and communication with others. You can gauge in less than a second if someone is submissive, if you are a winner or a loser, if you stand behind your product; your career, your advancement, your success or not. So the question is, "What is the quickest way to do this with the least amount of effort, with high performance and results?"

Your successful performance is not a random result, but is based on knowledge and acquired skills. The experience you gain from the trainings and the impact you will show builds security, confidence and courage.

Be Seen!

Expertise of stage presence and perception training from a single source

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg

Where your knowledge about a successful stage performance and your knowledge and experience about your body perception ends, my work begins. My motivation to help you to a successful performance has arisen from my practical experience and has become my profession and from it a vocation.