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Job Seekers

Receive an email every day for 17 days with instructions for a successful job search. The main purpose of this is for you to be seen. These mails are valuable aids that instruct you to stay strong, give courage, keep focus, target your goal and go for it. From 15 different trainings I have picked out the most important contents for you, which are helpful in a job search. (Stage presence training, efficiency training, meditations, systemic coaching, etc.) These contents are priceless.

Activate your possibilities and inner resources to approach your search for a new job as quickly, efficiently and goal-oriented as possible.



Good appearance is a matter for the boss. If you want to be first in the company, you should know the secrets of good communication. It can cost you a lot of money, time and effort if your skills in communication, appearance and evaluation systems are insufficiently developed.

Do you consistently have difficulty asserting or advocating your opinion? Do you have the feeling of not being recognized? Are you in fight or hide mode?

To make your work fun and enjoyable, skills in conversation and presentation are extremely helpful, if not necessary.

Develop your personality and let it speak for you in your impact.


Do you think it helps to have knowledge about communication in marketing?

Much of 'real' life has its counterpart in the online world. We communicate and use words, gestures and expressions to convince someone of their product or opinion.

Many forget that the same conditions apply as everywhere else. Good communication starts with a framework that gives you security and in which you learn to express yourself.

Unfortunately, many have not been able to develop good communication skills in life because they were not shown. And so most of it is based on copying and even more on error.

Learn what helps and works also on the Internet. You learn also from the book: Your Creative Video Timetable Guide.


Actors practice the balancing act between reality and imagination. Perception plays a special role in this. If you manage to observe yourself attentively and to establish clear evaluation systems, it is easy to be successful.

The 12 Visual Cues give the actor a helpful guide to how the body reacts and which reaction patterns the person is working with.

Observing people and knowing the mood and thinking patterns of the person will be easier as a result


Singers need a strong body that responds dynamically while enduring high performance and responding soundly with constant balancing systems of assertiveness and agility.

The body works together with the mind and the subconscious. All three areas support each other.


Perception Training - Body Fine Tuning

In sports very often smallest tensions and power relations decide about victory or defeat. In addition, a clear mental focus with the approval of the subconscious mind is needed for excellent performance.

Performance structure and results are determined by the knowledge and understanding of optimal freedom of movement and effort.

The three cornerstones of successful training are:

Attention - Perception - Observation


Lawyers - Teachers -

Do you want to be convincing and able to express your opinion clearly? Do you know how to use your body in a meaningful and winning way?

A lack of knowledge very often leads to poor results. The APA program helps you to find the optimal solution for your appearance. You will become more expressive, you will be able to assert yourself more easily, you will speak more stress-free, you will be heard more easily and you will get the attention you deserve.


Musicians often practice long and persistently. Unfortunately, mistakes in the structure of movement creep in again and again. And a lack of knowledge and attention to body perception lead to serious problems.

This is countered by the perception training from the APA program. Your performance becomes easier and the movements lighter. You will be able to focus more on your playing and performance.

You gain performance ability, more expression and body is much more attuned to the challenges of performing movements with precise results and high impact.


APA - Attentive Performance through Awareness

Train Your Wolf

Training and knowledge for your successful performance

The APA program consists of trainings and knowledge for a successful performance. Why did I create so many different trainings? Every person is different and has different abilities and needs. One needs more body work, the next more structure in thinking and the third wants to get rid of his unconscious inhibitions.

Appearance is very complex of available possibilities. What can go wrong depends entirely on your experiences and applications of those experiences. Basically, without working out your inhibitions, blockages or obstacles, a free appearance will remain only an imagination in your mind. Many can't even imagine it because they have no credentials for a free performance.

The 17 different trainings do justice to the fact that you need individual approaches to solve your very personal needs. As a trainer, teacher and coach I can thereby briefly interpose the right training and explain and help you to understand what is happening and at the same time how this change will work.

You do not need to go to five or 17 different people for this, who will provide you with the necessary material. The work is intensive and very effective.

Your successful performance is not a random result, but is based on knowledge and acquired skills. The experience you gain from the trainings and the impact you will show builds security, confidence and courage.

Expertise of stage presence and perception training from a single source

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg

Where your knowledge about a successful stage performance and your knowledge and experience about your body perception ends, my work begins. My motivation to help you to a successful performance has arisen from my practical experience and has become my profession and from it a vocation.