Dr. Joseph Weissenberg

The Mission is
to loose stage fright

to connect to the core of yourself

to have fast access and control of body, mind and soul
to find balance and joy during a performance

to feel confident

Author, Teacher and Coach for awareness, communication, masterful stage performance

and chi activation.

Connecting body and soul!

The task of movement listening is to increase awareness and thereby release unnecessary tension.
All areas have been combined in the course to BAT movement balancing training. However, they are also available individually as intensive training.

The following areas have been developed and tested:

  • Eye coordination
  • Facial expression training
  • Smile Training
  • Tongue coordination
  • Arm coordination
  • Finger coordination
  • Free wrist
  • Leg coordination
  • Back coordination
  • Sixpack Power Breathing
  • BAT

  • Muscle building - Core Mobility Workout
  • Minimal Dynamic Stretching
  • Alexander Technique

SRM are short simple meditations that build a deep connection to your soul.

The ebook is available.

The chapters of the book, each with seven meditations, are:

- Inner Communication
- Success-Wealth-Prosperity
- Healing and Health
- Love and Partnership
- Protection and Security
- Higher Vibration
- Inner Mission

The goal is to activate your Chi.

In the Soul Access Training we will start to explore the soul and its possibilities.

Happiness Training

exploring the connection of the body to negative early childhood experiences and release

Motivational Videos
Impulses through affirmations for thinking and connecting to the soul.

Unique trainings for mastering your stage performance and bringing out your full potential.

Here are the trainings I created to improve your performance skills:

  • Stage Presence Training
  • WinWin Training
  • Shield Training
  • Response Pattern Training
  • Riskbehavior Training
  • Minimizing Stage Fright
  • Train Your Wolf

He shows you the MAPs and the visual cues, as well as the response patterns you send.

Also doing constellation work in connection with stage performance and stage presence, to reduce stage fright, fear and other problems in connection with your stage performance.

The summary of my unique dissertation study on the "Alexander Technique and Stage Presence" will be soon available for you.

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg.

Author, Teacher and Coach for awareness, communication, masterful stage performance and

chi activation.

Connecting body and soul!

Over the past twenty years of helping many people improve their presentation skills, I've found that misconceptions about movements of the body, mind and soul are performance blockers that prevent people from reaching and mastering their performance potential....

And this has led me to develop unique and specific trainings that help reunite the body, mind and soul so that everyone can immediately get clarity on their #1 performance blocker... and how to overcome it and move the body and soul forward in development.

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The Mission
is to connect body, mind and soul

for your stage appearance and in life,
so that you can perform with confidence and joy,
show your skills to the full and
inspire your audience.

Connect Body and Soul!

Perform Smart - Move with Your Heart

Discover a new world within you!