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Your Successful Appearance

Online Marketing: In many cases business has moved towards online. In this area it is becoming more and more difficult to attract attention. You have just two seconds to convince your customer of your added value, of your benefits or the user of your website has already clicked away. This may sound hard, but you also look at this website only if it is useful for you. What do you pay attention to?

Video Marketing: Video marketing is even more about convincing the customer of your product. It's hard to keep track of everything that needs to be paid attention to. If you post something on social media, then it requires simple shots to come across authentically. Ads need to be designed differently. Paid ads should fulfill some important points for the customer. Do you know these or are you just giving away your money?

Stage and lectures: A performance is subject to the same conditions as a lecture. You show yourself and the people who see you judge you by the patterns you show. Do you know how you appear on stage? What do you pay attention to?

Conversations: if you want to convince someone of yourself, you should pay attention to a few important details about your appearance, talk. The interfaces for good communication together with the visual cues, the reference points for good appearance help you to stay active on all levels of communication and to score points.

As a singer, musician, dancer or actor, do you want to perform confidently and effectively on stage?

Do you have a job that requires a lot of persuasion and need to create clear communication levels?

You are a salesman and want to conduct your conversations calmly and with pleasure?

My task is to help you with your appearance, in conversation, in lecture, in presentation or on stage and to give you assistance and special knowledge about appearances. You will learn how to increase your presence, how to communicate meaningfully and how to make your appearance successful and effective with enthusiasm.

The three most important tools for successful performance and communication are:

Attentiveness - Perception - Observation

What makes good communication?

Although we communicate all the time, we have hardly been prepared for good communication. In training courses, attention is paid to whether the content was complete and appealing.

Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to how you personally can make this how and what understandable. How do you create an optimal communication level and how do you evaluate your own appearance?

Although you see the effect, very often you lack the knowledge to evaluate the findings from your experience correctly and meaningfully.

Lack of expertise

In my scientific pilot study, I was able to prove what makes a good presentation. If you think that this knowledge is applied everywhere and is easy to obtain, you are wrong.

If you search the Internet for books on stage presence, you will find only a handful of informative books.

This topic, as important as it is, is very challenging for many because there are too many unknowns. What does one person have that another doesn't? What works?

The answer lies in you and the exploration of yourself. For this you need expert knowledge and evaluation systems.

Your appearance.

During your performance you want to

  • Convince, feel calm and confident
  • Send clear messages and use clear levels of communication
  • Be emotionally involved and self-motivated
  • Show more expression and presence
  • Engage and retain the audience
  • Perform with joy and inner enthusiasm
  • Understand what you are doing and what is going on

What do you need?

Successful appearance and communication

  • Knowledge - The how and what
  • Implementation - Recognizing yourself
  • Experience - Setting new impulses
  • Goal - Clear tasks
  • Success - Repetition

Appear confident, a simple 12 point plan for your appearance, a scientifically proven and tested system, appear competent and show greatness, easy to use techniques, understand and apply subtleties of human communication - And all this quickly, easily and inexpensively!

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Expertise from stage presence and perception training from a single source

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg

Where your knowledge about a successful stage performance and your knowledge and experience about your body perception ends, my work begins. My motivation to help you to a successful performance has arisen from my practical experience and has become my profession and from it my vocation.

I know where the obstacles and traps lie during a performance and that it is often impossible for you personally to efficiently compensate for this lack of knowledge from your own knowledge or to recreate it.

7 Response Patterns

They show you what level of communication the person is currently on.

Visual Cues

Visual Cues give you clues about people's behavior, mood and thinking.


The 7 interfaces give you an orientation and tools for a good communication process.

Dissertation Study

This study will inspire you and completely change your attitude towards stage performance. Super important information to explore communication.

It all started with my dissertation and pilot study on "Alexander Technique and Stage Presence". It's best to get the thesis paper and read about the study I conducted. I was able to prove how successful stage presence works. 88% of the respondents confirmed the result.

After my PhD in 2014, I wanted to find out if I could see visual cues - Visual Cues in stage performance. I established reference points (RP) to make the energy and communication levels visible. Over time, 12 RP's revealed themselves. Using the 7 reaction patterns, hidden levels of communication become visible. You can read the results on these web pages and experience them in the trainings.

Ask for the abstract and thesis paper.



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