Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal Communication - EZZ

Motivation Videos and Meditations

All started with my dissertation about "Alexander Technique and Stage Presence". After finishing in 2014 I wanted to find out, if I can see visual cues in stage presence. I established reference points (RP) to make the energy and communication level visible. With time 12 RP's showed, especially in reaction patterns. I added patterns which create or diminish energy in the body. With this set I can tell the communication level of a body and you will too. I found out that the RP's show also energy and the charism of a person. Everything is connected.

You feel very quick secure about the movements. No guessing anymore if you are right or not. Because it is so easy to use, you can look at yourself and find out how fun it is to observe the skill of the body and mind grow.

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Get the Abstract and Thesispaper of the Dissertation "Alexander Technique and Stage Presence" of Joseph Weissenberg - Read how EZZ started, at no charge.

Additional to the EZZ-Training you can also work on your mind and soul.

With the Motivation Videos (MV) you can change the way how your subconscious creates pictures. The time of the affirmation and the words create easy access to your mind and any blockade can go away. If your mind is not stimulated by the messages, contact me and we will explore your subconsciousness on a deeper level.

The Meditations are a wonderful tool for connecting with your inner self. They create tranquility and inner stability. Through the connection of MV and Meditations with the body you get even stronger performing skills and results. You will feel more secure and with poise.

Now enjoy life, a good performance, a radiant communication, feeling of security and power. Free your body, mind and soul and be what you really are, beautiful all through.

Easy steps, easy progress and effective outcome.

"In order to feel or be like a winner, your body, mind and soul have to be convinced, that they want the same."

Joseph Weissenberg, PhD


True Business. True Life. Truly Alive. 

Short Bio

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg has a PhD in music pedagogy, MA in music- and dance pedagogy and a BA in French horn. He became a teacher of the Alexander Technique and Coach for constellation work.

He created different trainings like Efficiency in the ZeroZone, Invincibility Training, Risk Behavior Training, Resilience Training, neuro muscular Balance, Stage Presence Training. He created MotivationVideos and Soul Room Meditations.

He loves to teach, to go for a run and playing his own compositions on the piano. He is married and has two grown up children.