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It needs the expertise of a teacher and coach who knows the pedagogical and didactic tasks and requirements, that of a performer who has experienced the adversities of performing himself, a perception and body trainer, as well as detailed understanding and knowledge of the processes and their evaluation during a performance. And it takes a lot of time.

Do you know someone who combines these tasks?

Exactly this unique combination of knowledge is what I offer you. In addition to my master's degree in music and dance education, my doctoral studies in music education with the pilot study on "Alexander Technique and stage presence", my own performance experience, the degree as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and constant research in the field of perception and communication skills and permanent training guarantee you knowledge and experience at the highest level.

So what are the challenges of performing?

Going Online

The challenge of going online is not only a technical challenge for many. An even greater challenge is to go from anonymity to public, to be seen and to face one's own self-image, to become visible. For many, it is a major obstacle and it can even be overwhelming. They say just do it, but without knowledge of the how and what, these attempts fail. You will understand the how and what when you read the 7 Intersections of Communication and the Creative Video Roadmap. There you will learn everything you need for a good video production

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Lack of know-how

Lack of knowledge also plays a big role in a performance and even in conversations. In the USA, children learn to present themselves already in kindergarten. In Europe, speak now in the German-speaking countries, appearances are rarely explained. Mostly they are censored by content and create in most bad school memories. Such memories play an important role in your performances and also in conversations. Correctly evaluated appearances are unfortunately rare.

Dissertation study

In my dissertation study, I was able to prove that content plays only a secondary role. The actual evaluation of a listener rarely refers to the content, but almost exclusively to the charisma, the appearance and the effect of the person himself. 88% of viewers participating in a survey who answered video clips and specially asked questions confirmed my research findings. The question is, how do you also reach 88% of your viewers?

7 interfaces of communication

In order to make your personal appearance more experiential and to divide it into recognizable sections for you, I have developed the 7 interfaces of communication. The first and most important interface of your conversation or appearance is the first impression. Within an instant, that is 13 milliseconds, you are judged whether I like you or not. I have neither heard you nor received any content from you. But the first impression determines the further course of your appearance or conversation. And that's where the most common mistakes are already being made.

It is easy to underestimate the first impression. But this has fatal consequences.

You get all the important information in the Ebook - The 7 interfaces of your communication

7 Response Patterns

You know the Fight and Flight Reaction Pattern. These so-called Stress Patterns were described by the American physiologist and stress researcher Walter Cannon. But there are five more you should know. They help you to understand your own and others' reactions, to interpret them correctly and thus to create clear levels of communication. Many believe they can judge people through body language. But without understanding the deeper reaction programs, body language remains on the surface. Because fighting and fleeing is seen as stress, which means as good as negative, many try to weaken or hide these patterns. This has fatal consequences and almost certainly leads to burnout. You should understand how your body and your thinking work together.

Trainings for body - mind - subconscious

You can also call it body-mind-soul if you want. In a performance it is important to understand how these work together and how they influence each other. Your thinking manifests itself in your body. If you want to dissolve or change your thinking or thought patterns, you must also change the body along with it. You can change your thinking, but after two weeks they will be back to where they were before. Right?! Your thinking and deep behaviors can only be changed sustainably through your body, otherwise your body will sabotage you. And when you make lasting changes in your body, changes in your subconscious can occur and your thinking will suddenly do exactly what you wanted it to do.

Can you feel success? How do your senses and feelings express success?

Self-portrait - Are you a winner?

Whether you see yourself as a winner or a loser depends primarily on how you feel about your body. Being a winner is a feeling. It is using energy in a certain way. Let's start from the fact that you have 100% energy at your disposal. However, how you use that energy is entirely up to you.

Energy is always generated to do something. Your view and application of energy determines whether you are rich or poor, happy or unhappy, energetic or slack, winning or losing, free or trapped. Some people find happiness in misfortune. Then you belong to a certain group of people to whom you feel obliged. Breaking out is very often severely punished. The worst punishment is exclusion and being ostracized. Even if you become a millionaire, you may suffer the same consequences. You will be excluded because you no longer belong to the same kind of feeling, thinking and moving.

Since success, happiness, harmony, confidence and love are expressed physically, your task is to practice this feeling and produce it accordingly in your body. Winners or losers always use the same amount of energy. If you want to change the use of energy, the path begins with your body and your way of thinking. How do you use your body? How do you think?

Visual Cues - Secret Clues

In the pilot study I conducted, it was evident in the test subjects that stage presence can be improved. In the subsequent research with Visual Cues, 12 reference points were revealed, which clearly shows presence, charisma and communication with others. You can gauge in less than a second whether the person is submissive, whether you come across as a winner or loser, whether or not you stand behind your product or content, your career, your advancement, your success. They see and understand how you are. So the question is, "What is the fastest way to achieve high presence, winning charisma and free communication with the least amount of effort and with high results and immense impact?" Packaged in EZZ Training are the 12 Visual Cues.

Acquire, train, implement and apply special secret knowledge. Do you know the traps and mistakes in performing? Of course, you can go out and make these mistakes yourself. They will help you immensely. Are you good at evaluating? But you can also use the "facilitators of true greatness", the reference points and take a few secret paths and shortcuts that are not yet known in this way. DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR VISUAL CUES?

Appearance in everyday life

Many of the trainings are designed for everyday life. Only if you integrate your appearance into everyday life, you will be able to recall it in challenging situations, gain experience and re-evaluate it. Confidence in your appearance, being convincing and winning someone over are everyday activities and modes of action.

Whatever you do, you need confidence, persuasiveness and a winning charisma. My expertise and trainings help you to develop these skills and to live them sustainably. Let's work on your performance. You get everyday in the blogs a challenge or knowledge for to Be Seen.

Creative Briefing for Pro's

The APA program - Attentive Performance through Awareness - consists of training and knowledge building for a successful performance. Different, new, unique training opportunities tailored specifically to you in one program. Most of the trainings are also available online. Since the training program is very extensive and includes many unknown trainings I have designed three program variations so that you get the right training.

1. you buy an online training on a specific topic. In addition, online meetings are offered on various topics. You will receive separate mails for these.

2. APA Program Basic is a low-budget setting. Predefined training variants help you to go through different short forms of trainings and offers. Topics and product variants are still in preparation:

for example

for job seekers

3. Creative Briefing for Pro's

The trainings from the APA program have been developed with "performers" through years of research and training. Please request the Creative Briefing Paper. This template from the Manager Training and Project Management Tool for Creative Performances will help me assess your situation and determine if I can help you with your request. If collaboration is possible, I will provide you with a proposal that is right for you. Together we will discuss the right approach so that you can take full advantage of the program.  

Please fill out the Creative Briefing Paper and send it to me.


Trainings for your successful appearance

The trainings from the APA program have been developed with "performers" through years of research and training. 14 trainings and techniques to help you prepare for your performance in the best possible way. There's the right training for you, too:


Not included are the trainings I have received myself, such as various Kinesiology trainings, Alexander Technique and Systemic Coaching.

Are you ready?

"Many understand being authentic to be all that and how they are, rather than all that and how they could be!"


Expertise of stage presence and perception training from a single source

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg

Where your knowledge about a successful stage performance and your knowledge and experience about your body perception ends, my work begins. My motivation to help you to a successful performance has arisen from my practical experience and has become my profession and from it a vocation.