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Be seen!

This program provides you with a variety of training options. In order for me to advise you individually which training is best for you, please request the Creative Briefing - Your Successful Performance.

Important in the creation of the program and the trainings is the cooperation of body, mind and subconscious. Only an exploration and interconnection of all areas can lead to sustainable results. All trainings increase your perception and the cooperation of your inner and outer appearance. All trainings are new, unique, effective, connected with perception and increase your well-being and knowledge for a successful "performance". All trainings lead to your successful Appearance. The mission is to Be Seen!

All Sessions cost 2310 €.

Your Successful Performance - Be Seen!

Stage Performance

Convince with your own positive charisma  


Perform winningly - show what you are made of

Explore the "basics" of stage presence 

Know the effect of stage presence and presentation

Put an end to the annoying torment of stage fright 

Acquire core appearance competences

EZZ Efficiency Training

Develop motivation and communication level

Reach your goal quickly and competently  

Perceive more and assert yourself more courageously

Enhance perception and agility

Learn new skills of communication in the body

Understand your secret language of communication

Be more creative and lively

Personal Coaching

Overcome fears of appearances

Personalized training content for you

Recognize and understand your measurable progress

Identify and change underlying problems

Align emotions, mental attitude and well-being

Understand and apply success

Quickly and easily gain awareness of your own performance and achieve your own goals and fulfill your desires

In Office and daily Life - Be Seen!

Risk Behavior

Winwin Training

Learn how your body reacts to risk and stress

Convince with your own positive charisma  


Move like a winner

Recognize and develop a winning mentality

Find good power and release inner resistance

Explore your potential and fight the right way

neuro muscular Balance

In 5 steps to relaxed movement patterns

Relaxation is consciously led to the subconscious

Conscious relaxation

Simple and clear steps

Higher body awareness

Higher perception

Integrated feeling of movements

ABL Workout

Works with an activated body line

Builds dynamic movement patterns through the D.M. System

Awareness during workouts increases your performance

Healthier movement patterns

More precise results

Controllable repetitions

Noticeably more joy in movement

Systemic Coaching

Happiness Training

It's never too late for a happy childhood

Change your memories

Decide to be happy

Leave behind slights and negative experiences

Be happy through a happy past

Systemic Coaching

Works with an activated body line

Simple solutions

Only individual coaching

Also possible online

Experience success, happiness and harmonye

SyM Systemic Movement

Change your life with the help of physically executed symbols

Contents are solved by movement symbols

Above you see the movement for "protection"

Would you like to physically experience what love, protection, warmth of heart, communication, success feels like?

New and unique

Zoom Meetings

Let's meet in a Zoom Meeting and explore to be seen.